KARA Mirror Membership

The mirror comes with 12 months free KARA membership. With the KARA membership, your KARA Smart Fitness Mirror will automatically update with new live and on-demand workout classes. After 12 months, the content subscription is HKD$200 per month. If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer get new content updates but you can continue to use existing content.

Premium Starter Kit KARA Smart Fitness
Premium Starter Kit KARA Smart Fitness

Premium Starter Kit

Regular price HK$1,000

More Details

Dimension 400mm W x 1600mm H x 30mm D
Weight 19kg
Display 24″ portrait display
Power AC110 -240V
Audio Built-in speaker and bluetooth for headphones

Product Description

  • The KARA Smart Fitness Mirror serves as a full gym without the bulky workout equipment. When off, it's a full-size mirror. When on, it's an interactive home gym with a wide variety of workouts available on your schedule. Just roll out a yoga mat and tap ”start”.
  • Thousands of celebrities and fitness professionals are available to lead you through workouts to keep you motivated.
  • Classes range from 5 to 60 minutes, and are available at all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Next level A.I. interaction helps optimize your workouts. The camera on the mirror will analyze your body during your fitness routine, and computer vision A.I. will give you real time feedback to improve your workouts.


    Your KARA Smart Fitness membership gives you unlimited access to our collection of workouts for your whole family. The A.I. features of the mirror allows you to track your progress and make adjustments.

300+ Fitness Classes

Whether you’re looking to lose a little weight or run a marathon, KARA has classes that fit you.




Family workouts





Tai Chi

A.I. Tracking.

KARA Fitness A.I. tracks your workouts to help you improve and find your optimal routine.

  • PROGRESS TRACKING - Based on your past workouts, the A.I. will encourage you to hit the same levels of success, or push yourself a little harder.

  • RECOMMENDED CONTENT - Our A.I analyzes your classes and suggests new alternatives to keep your workouts fresh

  • SAVED PREFERENCES - As you build a fitness routine, our A.I. will help you stay on schedule with relevant workouts

Simple And Easy Set-Up

Step - 1
Schedule Delivery

In-person delivery and mirror set-up at your home

Step - 2
Activate Mirror

Connect mirror to WiFi and activate your account

Step - 3
Exercise Comfortably

Enjoy high quality fitness classes from the comfort of your home

Access Workouts
Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy unlimited access to KARA’s workouts through our KARA app on your mobile devices. Your initial content membership gives you workouts that you can use for life!


When will I receive my product ?

Delivery time in Hong Kong is 2-7 days. Rest of Asia is 2-5 weeks. Europe and North America 3-7 weeks. Rest of the world 4-8 weeks

What types of exercises are there on the mirror ?

There is a large variety of workout programmes for yoga, pilates, HIIT, dance cardio, boxing, absfocus and barre. There are currently more than 157 classes available.


Where do you ship to?

We currently ship within Australia. Keep checking our website for future shipping locations

Is shipping included in the mirror price?

Pricing does not include shipping and is calculated based on your delivery location

Can I still access your classes if I don’t buy a KARA Smart Mirror?

In Australia our content is currently only available to stream via the KARA Smart Mirror

Do you provide installation?

KARA Smart Mirror’s simple design allows customers to install the mirror themselves. Each order comes with a set of simple instructions and attachments to help you set it up. If you’re having trouble please chat with a member of our support team who will happily assist you.

I’m having trouble installing the mirror, can you help?

For installation help, you can chat to a member of our support team or schedule a call with them and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Where can I see the mirror in action?

Our team is happy to take you through a live demo of the service at a time that suits you. Schedule your demo via live chat

Is KARA available as a smartphone app?

Currently the KARA Smartphone App is not available in Australia, but we are working on adding it to the service shortly. Keep an eye on our website and socials for updates on the app

How regularly do you update your workout content?

New classes are added each fortnight across all styles to keep you motivated

What do I need to activate the KARA Smart Mirror?

Each mirror comes with a power supply and quick start guide to help with setup. All you need is a power point close to your mirror location and a strong Wi-Fi connection (at least 15 Mbps)

What is your refund policy?

The KARA Smart Mirror can be returned within 7 days if you are not satisfied with the service. We will refund you the cost of the mirror and only charge you the shipping costs. Of course, faulty mirrors are covered by our 12-month manufacturer’s warranty

Do you provide a warranty?

Our mirrors come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty

My headphones/speaker isn’t showing up in the list of Bluetooth devices

Make sure your device has Bluetooth enabled. Press ‘Search Again’ at the Bluetooth Pairing screen

I’ve lost my mirror activation code

Select ‘Resend Email’ on your mirror’s activation page, and our team will send a fresh activation email to the address provided at purchase

What countries are currently live with KARA?

Currently KARA is available in Australia and Hong Kong but we are actively planning to launch in new markets. Check back regularly or drop us an email to let us know where you are and we can update you directly