Career. Kids. Fitness? Here’s How Busy Hong Kong Moms Get Fit At Home 👩‍👦🏠

Fitness, Career & Family: How This Smart Fitness Mirror is Giving Back to Busy Parents & Professionals

No Time, No Gains ⏰

How do they do it? We’ve all seen celebrities and momfluencers magically transform their postpartum bodies back into tip-top shape in no time at all...

Except, it isn’t really magic, is it? The reality is, they have much more time and resources than most of us do.

So, busy mamas, when was the last time that you had the opportunity to work out and get back in shape?

Because if anything, parenthood is a full time job with little to no breaks.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone! A University of Pittsburgh study found that from over 800 young adults, those who were new parents saw their physical activity go down the drain over the span of 2 years.

You may not need a university study to tell you that, but are parents really just destined to run this hamster wheel of responsibilities, chores, kids, and career without so much as a second left to our own health?

Monkey See, Monkey Do 🐵

But see, the less time we devote to our own fitness as parents, the more likely that our kids see exercise and their own health as a secondary concern.

“Are you saying that my kids will FINALLY sit still?”

As heavenly as that sounds for bedtime, we really don’t want that!

A paper published in Pediatrics saw that the less a mother exercises, the more likely that their child will grow up inactive early in life; the same is true vice versa!

Parents have an important duty in shaping good habits for their kids. From decent manners to potty training, getting up and staying fit should also be part of the childhood program.

No pressure, but working out isn’t just about #BodGoals anymore when you’re a parent.

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Home Workouts? Been There, Done That 🤷🏻‍♀️

So how are parents supposed to stay fit?

When it’s not safe to be out in public and your youngest kid is crying about their sister not sharing a toy —

Most of us don’t have much of a better option than Youtube videos and home workouts.

A time-saving solution, for sure, and it’s become a booming trend in early 2020 that saw the world work, work out and socialise at home.

But as far as colossal treadmills and online videos go, they don’t help as much as you might think:

  • A home atmosphere can be as motivating as a warm, comfy bed.
  • Not every home has the space for equipment.
  • Some beginners can get overwhelmed without guidance and possibly hurt themselves.
  • Youtube videos? They often don’t offer the same level of attention and quality that live classes do.

Are home workouts doomed to fail?

Not if KARA has anything to say about it.

Meet KARA: Family-Friendly Fitness That Just Fits 🪞

Feeling fit, fab and confident doesn’t have to take up all your time away from your kids or career…

And it should totally be doable from home!

That’s why KARA’s fitted out to be super sleek and smart with an advanced A.I., so it can transform your home into any type of gym or studio you want at the tap of a button.

World-Class Celebrity Trainers

Go from snoozing to sweating with inspiring coaches you might already recognize.

150+ On-Demand Classes & Counting

Bring the yoga studio, boxing dojo or HIIT class to your living room with programmes from a constantly growing library of content. No matter your health goal, KARA has a challenge for you.

For Mama & Junior

Whether you have 5 minutes or 60, or if it’s alone or with the kiddos, KARA has programmes for every level that you can even enjoy with the family.

A.I. Feedback for Real Results

Next-gen A.I. camera tracking makes sure that your form’s always on point! When you’re ready to level up, KARA will recommend specific programmes tailored just for you.

KARA Smart Fitness Mirror
The smart-fitness mirror for any schedule, fitness level, and home
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“The KARA Mirror is not just a mirror, it’s a whole fitness experience. At the same time, it saves space, and when you switch it off, it’s a very nice mirror — all the girls like mirrors, right?”

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Limited Availability. Order today to enjoy free shipping to HK.