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The Mirror


The Mirror
The Mirror The Mirror The Mirror
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  • When off, it's a full-size mirror. When on, it's an interactive home gym where the best workouts are just at your fingertip. Just roll out a yoga mat, and tap ”start”. You don’t even need to get changed. It cannot get more convenient.

  • Every purchase comes with a free Care Kit, including cleaner, cloth and a camera lens cap for privacy. Everything you need to get started with your Mirror!

  • Your Mirror will be delivered and installed on the wall or on a cold-rolled steel stand (your choice) by a professional.

  • Dimension: 400mm W x 1600mm H x 30mm D
    Weight: 19kg
    Display: 24″ portrait display
    Power: AC110 -240V
    Audio: Built-in speaker and bluetooth for headphones