The New WFH: Workout From Home

The New WFH: Workout From Home
Getting bored at home during Blursday or sick of working from home? With just one mirror, everything shifts.
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Almost 200 days since the closure of gyms. Life without gyms, sweat, and motivation sucks, or is it just me? Despite the reopening of fitness centers, there are still limitations to exercise in the public spaces while the pandemic rages on. Workout from home, therefore, becomes a norm nowadays.

After a long day of work, and more work, the best way to end the busy day is a 30 minute-ish workout. Still, hitting the gyms a couple of times a week is easier said than done. The hard truth is that no one has never hesitated before going to a gym room. Hence, it should better be super close. Otherwise, the travel distance will definitely affect your motivation, let alone going to the gym after long working hours.

Why Workout From Home?

How about the location of your gym is exactly your home. Well, imagine that, workout directly at your place without even traveling. In other words, a full-time customized “gym”. With KARA Mirror, you can wind down by stretching in a Yoga class, you can sweat away by doing boxing or HIIT, and you can reset by taking meditation. KARA Smart Mirror equips you with all-level workouts that fit your schedule, so you can begin the exercises of any fitness level anytime.

Now, put on your most comfortable sporty outfit, and let’s get started to WFH with KARA!

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