[Quiz] What Type Of Exerciser Are You?

[Quiz] What Type Of Exerciser Are You?

Exercise is not a punishment but a celebration of what your body can do. Find the key to enjoying your workout and sticking to it.


No More Excuses

Exercise is fun. If you disagree, your routines probably mismatch your personality. However, it is a common problem of many exercisers, including the regular ones. According to a survey from ESSA, no more than 40% of the people who signed up for an online exercise program could make it to the end.

The presumptions of workout are dull and tiring. Sometimes, the progress is not even notable. Therefore, we always have tons of excuses to give up. Keep moving regularly seems to be an impossible plan.


Well Begun Is Half Done

Nobody is ever too busy. If you are interested, you will make time. To be honest, it is not a matter of time, yet lack of enjoyment is the real reason behind. Let’s take a step back and think about why you started to work out in the first place. Are you propagated to exercise at least 30 minutes per day? Are you influenced by your peers? Or do you want to improve your health and wellness under the pandemic?

To find your motivation again, never forget why you started. It is crucial to explore a workout pattern that suits you the most. What works for other people does not mean it is the best for you as everyone’s goals and abilities are not the same.


Quiz Time!

Still not sure about the answer? Talk to our consultant or try out a short quiz below to achieve your fitness goals step by step. 

Now, take a 30-second quiz to find out your answer.

I always thought I was a solo mover, but turns out, I am more likely a team player. How about you?


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